Monday, May 21, 2012

Toxic Love

Ever had a friend cross that imaginary line?  Kind of like losing at tug-o-war and falling into the mud, only to be walked on so they don't get dirty? (good metaphor I thought).  This has happened to me a hand full of times.  I am the friend that is loyal to the bone, until you cross that line and then I am done.  And I do not mean I cute back to 20%, I mean I hit 0% hard.  If I could be in a negative relationship with you afterwards, that is my preference. 

The sheer feeling inside my body when I am involved in a toxic relationship is retching.  I am a firm believer in creating your own happiness.  I choose to eliminate toxic people from my life in order to do so.  Will I be at your bedside if you are dying?  Yes.  Will I help you with a flat tire?  Yes.  But you will not be involved in any aspect of my life after you drag me through the mud.

I believe that we should trim the fat off of our life so that we can enjoy the hearty inside.  We should free up some space in the hard drive so we can store more pleasurable and meaningful memories.  We need to save more room for dessert.  Is that enough analogies?

Why does our society find it appalling to eliminate relationships?  I would imagine because not everyone is willing to sever the tie and still remain a decent person enough to offer sympathy, compassion, and empathy during the hard times to follow.  I guess I just find it disturbing that people can harshly judge others for cutting ties, but yet it is acceptable to maintain a negative energy with another person creating more stress for everyone involved.

I try hard to not put toxins into my body.  I eat right, I do not abuse drugs or alcohol, and I exercise.  But we do not feel the need to eliminate toxins from our hearts and the core of our emotions.  Why?  Don't you think one is just as important as the other?


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