Sunday, June 5, 2011

I love the idea of preaching mindful eating.

This is a cool article, and a plug for a book I might one day buy and read.

Stuff, Starve, or Savor? Your Relationship to Food and Life.

Basically, how we eat, what we eat, and why we eat is connected to how we manage our own life.  Being mindful is one of the most important aspects of a lifestyle you can possibly obtain and manage.

Much of the world has their eyes on Bethenny Frankel these days.  She has turned the idea of being skinny, into a lifestyle created and managed by actually eating and exercising because you want to, mindfully.  Her yoga dvd and two best selling books are just the beginning of what I anticipate turns into a lifestyle empire, if it isn not considered so already. 

I am the proud owner of the dvd, and enjoy is mostly for the fact that you are aware at all times of the art of the yoga practice, but also on the fact that if we did it perfect every time, we would perhaps not be living our lives fully. 

Coming from a nutrition background from my undergraduate work, and from the teachings on the importance of a healthy mind in graduate school I would like to offer my professional opinion that both women have something to say, and we should actually give this one some thought.