Sunday, October 30, 2011

Working Hard, or Hardly Working?

Do you find yourself exhausted after work? Most of us do. Are we working out physically enough? Probably not. Are we working too hard to finish up our tasks for the day? Likely. But what really may be causing a decline in your energy is a low emotional intelligence (EI). What is EI?

EI focuses on the ability to cope with your own emotions through recognition, understanding, and response. In other words, the realization of an emotion accompanied by an appropriate response, like a calm breath pattern when you are angry. A low emotional intelligence infers that your coping mechanisms are weak and that you can become very overwhelmed due to stressors like work or home.

It would make sense that if you have a low EI, you are spending more time and energy trying to figure out how to cope with the emotions thus depleting your energy stores. Stressors at work can drain any additional stores you may have to take home with you. Depression and anxiety can result from a low EI and should be managed by a therapist and medication when deemed appropriate by a licensed professional.

A study was done by Tae Won Moon that indicates an employee who spends time incorporating their own emotion into thoughts and actions in the workplace, will likely experience more stress and frustration on the job leading to emotional exhaustion. We think of this exhaustion as burnout, and a sign of low EI. You have likely become less productive due to your emotional preoccupations in the workplace.

So the next time you come home after a hard day, consider what about your day was so hard. Was it the argument in the staff meeting that left you feeling attacked? Was it the high expectation of premium customer service to a less than optimal customer that made you resent your product? Or was it the apathy of your "favorite coworker" that left you feeling empty? These or many others can drain our energy, but do not have to. Consider trying deep breathing during your day, physical exercise after work, fresh air during your break, and any other positive coping skill that you know will work for you.

Emotional Intelligence May Casue Job Burnout

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Eat this...

The men have a point?...

Check out this website,  and then follow them on twitter or subscribe via email. Eat this...

Ever wonder what you should order when your out?  This site is a great resource that will allow you to pay attention to he quality and quantity of your food.  I do not enjoy restriction.  If I want an Oreo, I eat an Oreo.  But I do think that we can make better choices when we eat out, and we can event eat more and feel more satisfied.  Who knew?  Knowing what you are eating can empower you to make better choices and not only improve your physical health, but your mental health too.  WIN!